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I've been making my Quickemu project macOS-compatible; meaning it can run on a macOS host 🍎

Quickemu is a project to quickly create and run optimised Linux, macOS and Windows virtual machines 👍

Here's my test case in action:

This is NixOS ❄️ running a virtual machine of macOS Ventura 🍏 via Quickemu, which is running a virtual machine of Aline Linux 🐧 via Quickemu

The project is here: https://github.com/quickemu-project/quickemu

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Please please PLEASE make it possible for me to have a virtual MacOS machine that just runs iMessage for those times I need to chat with my family 🙏🏾
Getting a new laptop from @frameworkcomputer in a week and itching to finally test NixOS out, but I’m coming from a MacBook Pro.

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