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Hey guys, is there something special I need to know about using smarty? I'm back to plugging away on the quiz option, trying to make a dynamic radio button that is clickable and returns a value. I have a version using a js file, that works with an HTML document, but I'm having issues integrating it into tpl files with php variables.
html_radios is a smarty option we have that should create dynamic radio buttons. Problem is I can't make it work even though I'm using this… Which is a copy of a md file we have.
I will put something like:

 {html_radios options=$options_title 
        separator='<br />'}

Into the content/question.tpl file
If I run it as normal, it just spits out code as a result in the poll.
If I run something like this in /model/item.php
$smarty->assign('option_title', $; It always gives me just a white screen.
I want to make sure there isn't some easy fix that I need to do to smarty to make it work right, it might well be I'm just doing it all wrong with my non-professional newb status. If there isn't I'll just keep pluging and chugging til i figure it out. Just wnt to make sure I'm not wasting my time where there is any easy fix


It appears that there is some method of defining smarty arrays
The exception it threw now is for $smarty array being undefined. Do i need to "use" a file to make it work?


Ok so I used the following $smarty = new Smarty();
Now it throws a white screen but nothing shows up in the error log.

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Celebrating ’s 20th birthday! 😍

Now at ❤️🚀

@firefox @mozilla

Cake with Firefox logo on it
Foxie human-sized puppet smiling

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he really needs a hug

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Is there a way in to flip this behavior?
As in, I mostly revisit existing websites when I type, I rarely want to search the web.
I would like the suggestion to be first, and the search trigger last. Is it possible?
Can't find anything relevant on this broken web anymore 😅

kbal, avatar

Removing all that search-related crap from the url bar UI is among the many things that can be done to improve Firefox with css:

I think it's in the options under "result menuitem settings".

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More and more frequently, WordPress accounts are posing as groups. In this context, @pfefferle refers to a discussion at…
As far as I understand it, these are currently only concepts. Apparently, however, they are already being implemented. This makes it difficult to subscribe to WordPress accounts if they are then displayed as groups and not as accounts.
Is something going wrong?

pfefferle, avatar

@feb @developers it is not that easy! WordPress Authors are defined as a "Person", but the Blog (which is a Group of all its Authors) is defined as a Group, that boosts all the posts published by the authors, so that it is possible to follow the whole blog instead of all its authors.

I also tried to do anything to tell other networks that this is a read-only group, where others can't post to!


@pfefferle The same problem can also be found at

anubis2814, to developers en

Can someone tell me what the advantage of using the ! over @ in groups is? I appear to have a very confused understanding after 6 years on this platform. Thanks.


@hypolite Ah ok. Now can people from activitypub post to forum followers or since they cant "join" only follow does it not show up?


@anubis2814 "Follow a forum account" is the same as "join a forum". So ActivityPub accounts can both receive forum posts and post to a Friendica forum. The only thing they can't do is post exclusively to a forum with the !-mention.

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Hubzilla 9.0.2

  • Fix buttons in event viewer
  • Fix some PHP warnings and errors
  • Fix issue when inReplyTo field is an array
  • Fix possible queueworker crash
  • Fix missing pdl file for mod home
  • Reduced default directory result set
  • Fix fatal error in likebanner addon
  • Fix fatal error in hilite addon

CC: @Fediverse News


Many thanks for the effort. Update for and done.


@Mario Vavti Ganz dicken Dank! Nebenbei bemerkt bekomme ich direkt nach dem Update unzählige Notifications von Posts, die bis zu 14 Tage alt zu sein scheinen. Habe sie alle als gelesen markiert, werde weiter beobachten.

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So, did my monthly upgrade of -current. Two things that caught my attention:

is now provided out the box (awesome)
is now enabled out of the box and is configurable (Even more awesome)


Something that isn't awesome is that it uses elogind. I'm a fellow Slackware user but for my next install I will switch away.

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Could the Fedi share button developed by Stefan Bohacek be of any use for the Friendica news blog?…

I've tested it and seems to work well with Friendica accounts.

What do you think? @tobias or anyone else?

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I was sad to find a surprising lack of visual scripting apps for Linux. Apple's Shortcuts app is very powerful and can be incredibly useful. It's not like we don't have the technical ability to make something similar.

So I started working on one myself :blobfoxfloofcofe:

A screencast showing a visual scripting app called "Actions" sending a notification with an editable title and description.

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I'm poking around at the polling issue that the rest of the fediverse enjoys and I've run into a problem that probably the other person who set the groundwork for the question option ran into and abandoned.
Who designed out field_radio.tpl file? Was that made in house or was that outsourced from somewhere else. If so do they have other radio tpl files for lists.

Just a note that I am a massive beginner. so this is more a challenge than anything else and if it works or not I'll have learned something either way.

{{foreach $options as $option}}
	{{include file="field_radio.tlp field="$"}} 
	<div class="settings-submit-wrapper">
			<input type="submit" name="notification-submit" class="settings-submit" value="{{$submit}}"/>

This will not work as the field_radio.tpl isn't designed for lists. I can make it look like it should but them the buttons don't switch, because its a list. Every help forum online suggests downloading and outside client for it. If we have a reliable template maker client then what is it? Otherwise I will poke around and figure this out over time as a newb. Might need some js from the looks of it but there might be a much easier solution.


Every dropdown we use appears to have an associated js file and none of them are dynamic so I'm assuming this will require some form of js file to make it work too.


@anubis2814 puh...

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(and ) begins phasing-out Manifest v2.

This means, among other things, that uBlock Origin is about to be disabled in Chrome. Google will choose a different extension to recommend but it can not be as effective as Origin.

Following 's example, may I instead recommend you switch to .

Firefox will continue to support Manifest v2, and consequently uBlock Origin and other extensions that can not be implemented with Manifest v3.

Happy browsing.

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Conditions improved in south-central and northern areas of Kansas this week, while both extreme and severe drought expanded slightly in parts of western Kansas.

The state’s vacillating drought conditions over the past few weeks have affected some winter wheat crops. This week’s USDA Crop Progress report rated Kansas’ winter wheat condition at 11% very poor, 21% poor, 36% fair, 29% good and 3% excellent.

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I guess everyone has forgotten Jia Tan and his shenanigans.

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: Does anyone use ? Is it worth switching to from Ubuntu? (Hardware: Framework Laptop where it is “community-supported”)

Visnudeva, avatar

I do, bluefin is fast, solid and clean, I would use it over Ubuntu any day. It is ready to use as soon as it is installed without endless updates before installing your preferred apps, it is so much faster than traditional distro to set up and then it is near zero maintenance. Really cool !

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Interesting approach (encoding and persisting the content in the URL)

A simple taking toll in your browser can you host yourself. No servers. No cookies.

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